VSL Maker Review, Great Video Scripting Tool

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Everybody knows this is a digital era, and everybody wants to promote their business through digital marketing. In digital marketing, videos are one of the best sources to promote your business because videos act as a magnet to catch visitor’s attention and influence them to buy products. Visitors can easily and quickly get to know about the details through the visual presentation as some of the people do not like to read details in written form. They prefer to watch videos and decide whether to buy any product or not.

Now the most essential part is to create a video script. It always seems a hectic task to do as producing video scripts, and making them attractive requires a lot of effort to put. If you fail to get the expected results for video performance, you would be left with regret for the loss of money you have paid for video scripting. In the market, there are many video software available. But there is some problem that they do not contain an option for compelling video scripts. Video scripts play a vital role in grabbing visitor attention and converting them from visitor to the buyer. There should be high-level content in video that convinces visitors to buy products.


Are you worried about it?

If yes, then VSL Maker is right here to help you. It is a kind of app software that enables you to make high impact script-based videos and video scripts for any niche. This software is super comfortable in implementation. Once anyone gets familiar with it by following the detailed instructions can easily make fascinating script base videos and video scripts within a short time. It works simply by filling in the blanks and choosing the right templates according to your needs and demand.


Something about its author?

A talented and creative digital marketer and a software developer, Andrew Darius. He has got great achievements after facing many ups and downs in his business life. He has gained a well-known reputation in online business. He launched VSL maker with the aim of becoming a top-level video script generator. Some of his other products include Doodleoze, Funnelify, Clipdramatizer, Motioney, Script Vocalizer, PicAnimate, Ascendpages. All of these products have been used in large numbers to assist its users. Due to their excellent performance, I believe that the VSL maker will rise even higher in the market within only a short time-span.

Who is suitable for this?

VSL makeris specifically designed for those who want to promote their business through digital marketing. This tool is the best way to grab a visitor’s attention. If you are among the following list, you should consider this tool as a helping hand. 

  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Business Owner
  • Freelancers
  • Small or Local Business
  • Newbies

Let’s get into more depth of VSL maker!


How to increase sales rate through VSL maker?

With the help of VSL maker, you will be able to make stunning sales by performing three basic steps:

Step # 1: The first step is simple and basic. In this step, you just have to pick up the video script that you want to create. After choosing, fill in the blanks with detail of your product like product name, product rate, and product benefits.

Step # 2: The second step is about generating the video. For this, paste the selected video script into the video generator, select font size, and decide whether to add a voice-over or to use automatic audio text-to-speech then press the button to synchronize.

Step # 3: The third step is to publish the generated video. Here is the professional video that you have produced. Before you actually publish it, check out its preview first.

VSL Maker review for price and how to buy it?

You have to pay about $67 for its front end. I think it is a reasonable price for everyone as this tool fulfills all the needs of its users. But it is expected that its price will go up in the near future, so you have to buy it now at lower rates.

It has 4 Upshells, and their detail is below:

Upshell #1: VSLMaker (Pro – $47)

In this upshell, you will be able to get more frameworks like Headlines, Lead Capture, Sales Letters, Webinar Registrations, Bullet Points, and Facebook ads. As it is a Pro Upgrade, it enables you to use done-for-you web templates and go beyond script-based videos and video scripts.

Upshell #2: VSLMaker Club ($17/month or $119/year)

In this upshell, you will be able to take your business to a higher level through VSL maker profit club. It gives you 120 new kinetic text animation and many other assets for video creation. It also opens up new sales pages, new video scripts, and script-based videos for the convenience of people.

Upshell #3: VSLMaker Agency – 5-sub users and Unlocks 1080p and 4k rendering ($67)

This upshell enables you to earn more profit while working less by upgrading to agency license. You can avail 5 more users and unblock 1080p and 4 Ultra HD Video Render and can get to a million royalty-free stock video footages and photos.

Upshell #4:  Doodleoze video app

It is a groundbreaking app that makes whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and even glassboard doodle videos in just a few minutes. This is an easy, eye-catching doodle video creator that grabs visitor’s attention, influences them to buy products, and become buyers.

What are the VSL Maker bonuses?

Another thing that should be noticed, the creator of this tool entertains its users with two different VSL Maker bonuses. Let’s have a look below:

VSL Maker Bonus # 1:

This is known as fast action bonus. In this bonus, you will be entertained with the template from which VSL maker video scripts for video script was made.

VSL Maker Bonus # 2:

This bonus allows you to get 365 days of high engagement videos to drive traffic by curiosity and offers you two more templates to make more videos just by copy-pasting any quote or its author.

These 365 videos come in three formats: One is horizontal, the Second is vertical, and the Third is square. You can use one video each day and pot it on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Daily Motion, Pinterest, and more.

Is VSL Maker discount available?

If you are planning to use this tool, but you think it’s expensive, then here is a good news for you: we are providing a promo code through which you can get a discount when buying VSL.

The promo code is: vsl65off

Just enter the code while buying, and you will get the discount.

What are its Pros and Cons?


  • It is a user-friendly tool, and anyone can easily operate it. Its interface is easy to use. You can easily create a sales script for their videos.
  • It has different templates you can choose according to your choice and demand.
  • It gives step by step instructions.
  • It costs a reasonable fee so that anyone can afford it.
  • It does not require any other software.
  • It has free updates.
  • It also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It works for all types of niche products and services.


It has no issue up to now.

Final words:

VSL Maker is a reliable video creator tool, and it acts as a helping hand as it generates more sales for your products.

It has an eye-catching quality that grabs user attention and influences them to buy the product. From the core of my heart, I would highly recommend you all to go for this. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s better to grab this tool as soon as possible. Good luck!


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