VidTraffic Boom Review – Get Real Traffic In A Breeze

This article is about my VidTraffic Boom review. In any business, there is always a need for marketing to let people know about the product or service you are offering. The content for marketing must be eye-catching, and it is no doubt challenging to make it attractive. Marketing, which is done through videos, helps more to the marketers than any other means of marketing.

As we all know, video is one of the main elements of multimedia, and nowadays, it has become the most powerful way to grab people’s attention. Because In this strategy, you just have to present your product or service with a collection of images or video clips. People find this strategy more convenient because it is easy to understand, and they do not have to read or search about it.

So until now, we have concluded that videos are the most important part of marketing. It helps to drive traffic, and generate your leads and sales. But as we all know that every coin has two sides. If your video strategy is poor, then you may lead to a big loss.  Are you worried about it? Here I have a solution, VidTraffic Boom. This is an amazing software that helps you to remove the worry related to video marketing strategy. Bypassing days, people are moving towards video marketing, so here I am providing them a solution for their ease.

VidTraffic Boom Review:

Videotraffic Boom is a traffic stealing app, which steals traffic from the existing videos and sends it to your offer. This amazing app works in such a way that it helps you to find and observe which upcoming launch is easy to rank. It automatically connects to your YouTube channel to start a campaign for your uploaded videos. After this, it helps to create backlinks from social bookmarking and web 2.0 for each video, to rank it high on YouTube and Google. 


Who Are VidTraffic Boom Creators:

The creator of this groundbreaking app is OJ James. He is known as the best selling manufacturer. He got great achievements through his amazing success, such as being the most user-friendly service provider on WarriorPlus. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable person for WarriorPlus network with so many successful products like Kontent Kaboom, SociXtreme, 1 Click Niche Site Builder, Content Siphon, and more. He created this VidTraffic Boom app by passing it through different tests. Let us know more of it by VidTraffic Boom review.

VidTraffic Boom Review for Features:

Along with the easy process of this amazing app, it has multiple features and benefits.

  • VidTraffic Boom App – Cost $297

This user-friendly app helps to get free converting traffic to your website in just a few seconds.

  • “Make Money Today” Video Training – Cost $197

This app provides you with the tutorial guide to get free traffic and then turn to make money as much as possible.

  • World Class Customer Support

This app provides you the facility to ask your queries easily in case you are facing any issue related to this app; a world-class support team will be there to help you.

What are the basic VidTraffic Boom steps?

It involves very easy and simple steps to follow. Just go through the following listed steps and you are near to your destiny.


Step #1:

The first step is initiated with the login to this app.

Step #2:

The next is to go for your account setting. In this step, you have to enter your YouTube channel details and connect all your social accounts to it.

Now just fill the form with the title, content text, some tags, and the video link you want to drive traffic. Click on publish, or you can schedule to build backlinks to all of your social networks or to PBNs.

Step #3:

This is the final step. In this step, watch the progress and profits.

Besides all this, this software has training tutorials to understand how to use it.

Who can use VidTraffic Boom?

This self-explanatory app is made for all marketers like affiliate marketers, product owner or a video blogger and who are not getting expected results from their existing tools or software and tired of changing their software or tool. It does not include a long process. It is based on a few basic steps to produce free traffic and generate sales in a short period of time.

It does not require any prior experience or knowledge, everyone can easily use it because of its user friendly interface. So if you are a newbie, you can easily understand its working and gets familiar with it soon.

What are VidTraffic Boom bonuses?

As I have described all of its working through my this VidTraffic Boom review. Now I am going to discuss this amazing product’s further details. This software product includes multiple bonuses for the convenience of its people to give them maximum advantage of it. Just have a look below:


Grab this product and get its exciting bonuses.

VidTraffic Boom Review about its price

Another important point about this app is its price. It costs only $17, and this cost is very reasonable, and anyone who is tired of using other tools and suffer loss can easily afford it.

It is more valuable to a newbie, although this product maybe not the greatest tool, it will be a good start to make money by using this product.

What are its upgrade versions?

•    Upsell #1:

VidTraffic Boom Platinum costs $37

•    Upsell #2:

Vid Sniper costs $37 – $47

•    Upsell #3:

Done-For-You Package costs $67

•    Upsell #4:

Reseller Rights costs $97

What are its pros and cons?


  • This app is cloud-based.
  • It improves the performance of your business quickly.
  • It helps to drive free traffic in just a few seconds.
  • It involves different steps to get the best results.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • It is easy to use and access.
  • It does not require any prior experience or knowledge.
  • It gives results the same to all, whether you are a newbie or not.
  • You will definitely increase your sales rate.
  • If you are not satisfied while using it, it gives you a benefit of 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It is a risk-free app.


  • It does not have any disadvantages yet, but make sure you have a good internet connection while using it.

Final words:

This VidTraffic Boom is a web-based application that helps you to run a successful video marketing campaign. It has its advantages and benefits. It is a remarkable software that is worth buying. The main issue every marketer faces is to get the traffic. Many of the marketers lead to failure due to poor marketing strategies.

If you are a newbie or already running a business, this amazing app will definitely be going to help you. Just give it a try. It is risk-free because if you are not satisfied using it, or you are facing any kind of issue, let their support team know about your problem.

 In case you are still not satisfied, you have a right to return it and get your money back because it gives its users a 30-day money-back guarantee. This software is highly recommended, and you will not have to regret buying it in the future.


Thanks for reading my VidTraffic Boom review. Good Luck!

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