ClickAgency Review – Create Marketing Campaigns in a Breeze

Today, we are presenting you our ClickAgency review. ClickAgency is a marketing a tool that lets you create marketing campaigns and helps you to generate more sales and attract more customers to your online business.

Why Would You Need It

As we all know, it’s a digital era, where everybody prefers to use technology in every field of work. Technology changes and evolves with the passage of time. People prefer to do online business rather than a traditional business with a physical premise.

The number of online businesses is rapidly increasing. Hence, this is not a bad idea to start an online business and invest in it. However, the profit from any online business depends on the effort you are putting on because it requires a lot of your time, dedication, and energy.

If you are the one running your online business or you have decided to start it anytime soon, you do not need to be worried about it. You just have to read this ClickAgency Review article. In this article, you would be able to get the solution to all of your problems that you might face in your online business.

Here is the solution, which is named as ClickAgency. This is a product that acts as a helping hand to its users. It is produced for the convenience of online business dealers to help them set up their online business in such a way that they gain a large number of sales and clients just by generating marketing campaigns for their company.


Isn’t it sound intriguing? Let’s move on to know more about ClickAgency.

Who is ClickAgency’s Creator?

The creators of this groundbreaking tool are Ben Murray and Brad Stephens. They have worked for so long and were wholly dedicated to their mission for the production of this fantastic tool. Ben Murray and Brad Stephens are well-known software developers and online marketers for more than 14 years. They have been serving their users through different YouTube channels, webinar promos, and they have had more than 40 software products with a large number of users using them and getting a benefit. These products are MaticPress Agency, Video Traffic App, PlayPix, Rank Reel, Spy Stream Pro, Video Local App, and many more.

My ClickAgency Review

The product, known as ClickAgency,  is the best tool you can get to start an agency and is probably the easiest too. It costs only $27 to $37 with a considerable number of ClickAgency bonuses. This product entertains its people with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied working with it. It is adequately responsive and highly recommended.

What is Inside the ClickAgency Tool?

ClickAgency is known as a super technology in the whole world that helps to generate marketing campaigns with fast-loading video lead pages easily and quickly by following simple steps in only a few minutes. It does not require or demand prior experience to operate it. Once you get familiar with this, your marketing campaign leads you to drive more traffic and cause an increase in your sales rate.

When you are doing online business, you need to know some basics about how you can make money through your business. Here are some key points that will help you to give your business a rise:

  • A targeted traffic
  • A great copy
  • A landing page
  • An email capture technology

It works in a simple way. Select the template for your lead pages and just fill out a simple form or chat with the A.I. powered bot, which will take some necessary information about your campaign, and you good to go!

You can create attractive lead pages with the targeted copy and matching google ads and Facebook ads, which will then be submitted to ads manager to start getting the traffic and also help to earn profit from your clients.

The Product Works in 4 Major Steps

Step #1. This step is the initial step. In this step, you will begin to create a fast-loading video lead page according to your niche simply by filling a form. Fill all your details like logo of your company, images related to your product or service, or videos you want to show so that a stunning landing page with targeting copy will be created, which results in ultra-fast leads.

Step #2. This step helps you find the easiest and smart solution to create a campaign for you. Simply, you just need to have a chat with A.I. powered bot and provide the detail related to your campaign.

Step #3. After the creation of your landing page, you can see its preview so that you can make changes if needed.

Step #4. This is the final step. Once you have completed the creation process, you need to login to the ads manager and kick off your campaign. This will generate adds and match to the copy and offer of your page. You are ready to have sales leads and make money.

Who Can Use ClickAgency?

As you have already known its working and benefits, now you can decide whether you can grab it or not because this is made for all, not just for agency businesses.

If you are among the following list, You should go for it.

  • For Affiliate Marketers: They can use templates and convert them into their sales page for an affiliate product. As a result, they will have targeted copy, traffic to their sales page.
  • For Video Marketers: They can use built-in video technique which creates fast landing pages and get client leads.
  • For Newbie / MMO: They can get a complete website and drive high traffic by capturing leads simply by talking to smart A.I. powered bot without any waste of time.
  • For Local Marketers: ClickAgency helps them to create ultra-fast lead pages from thousands of different templates to drive traffic with matching local ads.

How Much It Will Cost You

You have to pay $27 to get a lighter version of ClickAgency which allows you to create 200 ads and 50 campaigns. In advance version to have to pay $10 higher and can produce double of your lighter package.

The final cost depends upon the features you choose.


Get ClickAgency Bonus

They offer a wide number of ClickAgency bonuses:

General Bonuses: (You will get these bonuses in your membership)


Semi-Exclusive Bonuses: (You can pick only 3)

  • Get a Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Get Viral Video Scripts, use for totality millions of view.
  • Get Tee Spring Mastery; this training will cover how can you set up your t-shirt business to earn a profit.
  • Get Attention To Retention, trains you how to retain existing customers and make them regular customers.
  • Get WordPress Social Locker, allows you to lock any part of a content on a web page until the user clicks any social media button (Tweet Button, Facebook, Google) to get traffic.
  • Get WordPress Slinger, helps to create unlimited Facebook styles ads to increase sale and conversion rates.
  • Get Premium FB Graphics 2.0, makes your Facebook pages professional with a new graphic package.
  • Get FB Timeline Express Software, allows you to create timeline images in few seconds.
  • Get FB Legal Doc Creator, helps to generate document compliant with FaceBook terms of service.
  • Get High Ticket Authority, allows you to generate more sales from each customer.
  • Get Video Clipper Software, allows you to easily clip your video on any corner of your page and follow the visitor wherever he scrolls on any page.

What are the Pros and Cons?


  • It’s A.I. powered bot helps you build a campaign.
  • You can simply drive leads by filling a form.
  • It has stunning lead pages templates.
  • No prior experience or skills required.
  • It creates Facebook and Google ads.
  • It is available at a reasonable rate.
  • It leads you to gain more profit.
  • Its creators are well known in online marketing and software products.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. 


  • None of its issues is seen yet in my usage. However, one thing you should keep in mind, is that you must have a good internet connection while using it so that it can run smoothly.

Final words:
I would like to say, I have seen many people put their first step in online business using crap products that lead to failure most of the times. To overcome this problem, you should go to ClickAgency product. Good luck!

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