Welcome to the World of Pin Trading

Pin trading, the process of exchanging, selling, and buying pins, has a blurry history, just like the pin itself. No one knows for sure when it started. However, in 1999, pin trading became popular after Walt Disney World Resort introduced the Disney Pin Trading event as part of their millennium anniversary. The event was a huge success. A lot of pin enthusiasts and collectors were made because of it. Since then, many events and organizations adapted pin trading as part of promoting their brand.

Below are the major pin trading events around the world:

Disney Pin Trading

In the following year, until today, other Disney theme parks adapted the pin trading event. Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, Disney Cruise Lines, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort have established their own pin trading event that it draws thousands of pin enthusiasts and collectors each year. Each theme park has their own set or list of what can be traded and their own practices and rules on how to trade them.

Disney cast members and managers wear lanyards that showcase around a dozen pins of various designs and characters. If a guest likes any of the designs on the cast’s lanyard, he will just present an acceptable pin and trade it with the one he likes. Most theme parks do not allow more than two trades with each cast member in the same day. However, if such lanyard is given to a different cast member, then the guest can make another trade with that person. The pin traded by a guest must not be the same as that are already on the cast member’s lanyard. They must also be in good condition. A pin traded must have a Disney characters, icons, attractions, and events on them. It must also be made of metal. Most importantly, it must have a “© Disney” on its back.

Lions Club International Pin Trading

pinsWith the goal of helping local communities, Lions Club International has 1.35 million dedicated volunteers around the world. To promote their mission of lending a hand and engage others to join, they started their own pin trading event. One of their most active participants in the pin trading event is the Pennsylvania Lions Club, who has their own organization, Pin Traders Club of Pennsylvania.

Otafest Pin Trading

If you are a fan of anime, then be a part of this exciting anime convention in May every year. They just started their pin trading event last year, and it was a success. Pin trading can be done during the convention or in their official website.

Olympic Pin Trading

Athletes have their medals; supporters have their pins. As part of supporting one’s country and their athletes, Olympic pin trading became increasingly popular. Whether it is a Summer or Winter Olympics or the Paralympics, pin trading is always present. Trading can be done on the venue of the Olympics or on various websites where pin enthusiasts gather and trade. The good thing about Olympic pin trading is that most customized ones are accepted and traded aside from the official badges. In fact, as long as another pin collector agrees to exchange the pin with you, then you can trade. There is no strict rules on what, whom, and where to trade. You’ll be amazed at each country’s creativity on encapsulating their nationalistic spirit on a tiny piece of metal.

Websites and Forums

Because a lot of pin collectors and hobbyists are scouring the internet for the next trading event in their area, most of them have agreed to exchange pins without meeting physically. Any pin can be exchanged through mail as long as both parties agreed. This is a great way to start a collection of a wide variety of pins as customized ones with great designs are one of the most traded types.

A look on additional golf equipment

Playing golf would mean being familiar with the different kinds of golf equipment. It is not enough to know that a player needs a golf ball and a golf club for him to play golf. There are a lot more pieces of equipment that would help a player improve his game. As such, golf players should be aware of other equipment aside from the basics.

Golf Attire, from top to bottom and even lower

golf equipmentProfessional golf players would often comment on how proper golf attire could be deemed as golf equipment. Golf apparel companies know of this concept and have created certain attire that could actually help. They have made golf apparel with comfort, breath ability, and movement on their mind, thus producing attires that provide players with the extra motivation to play.

Golf players also know that golf courses do not permit a person to play wearing just anything. There is a golf attire requirement in all golf courses. Of course, each of these golf ranges has its own dress code, but nonetheless there is still a universally-accepted dress code for all golf courses. A collared polo shirt for top and slacks or golf pants for bottoms are acceptable in most, if not all, golf courses. To help, a person should visualise himself wearing the attire at a casual business setting. If it is acceptable there, then it could very well be appropriate in golf courses. If a person is still uncertain on the golf apparel, he could just call and inquire about the golf range dress code.

There are also golf shoes available for people who want a full gear when heading out. For people who frequent golf courses, it would be a wise choice to invest in a good pair, as some golf courses do not permit leather or rubber shoes to be worn inside the field. A pair of golf shoes looks like soccer shoes but they have softer spikes at the soles. The soft spikes ensure that the grass would not be ruined and, at the same time, helps the person balance himself when driving.

Golf Bags

Golf bags are golf equipment initially made only to carry the player’s golf clubs. These are sturdy, resilient bags that should be able to carry fourteen clubs at one time, since this is the number of clubs a player is allowed to bring during a game, though he can bring less if he wants. The bag is usually made of canvas, leather, nylon, or a combination of these materials. The bags also have additional pockets at the sides; this is where players could put other golf equipment they want to bring in a game.

Similar to any other golf equipment, golf bags have their own classification. The most common and most recognized type is the caddy bag. This is a lightweight bag made to be carried around the range. Historically, it was carried by assistants of players called caddies, thereby getting the name caddy bag. Caddy bags have long straps, enabling them to be carried like a shoulder or body bag.

There are also cart bags available for players who do not like to carry their bags. The first kind of cart bag is the pull cart. This is similar to a caddy bag except for the wheels; it has a two-wheeled cart attached to it, so that it can be pulled around rather than carried. The other type of cart bag is the golf cart bag. This is a large, heavy-duty bag attached to a golf cart.

Golf Carts

These are the only vehicle, aside from maintenance vehicles, allowed inside a golf range. These are used to transport the players as they follow the golf ball. Some golf ranges do not allow golf carts as they typically ruin the field when used.

Benefits of Lanyards for Businesses

Lots of businesses today have made use of lanyards for their offices and as promotional items. Gone are the days when pins were commonly used for IDs and badges; those cords are now more favored by companies because of their various benefits and cheap cost.


One of the primary uses of such ropes in businesses is for IDs. Employees sport a lanyard on their necks to make sure that their IDs are visible at all times. This is especially helpful for workplaces that require an employee’s ID to always be seen during work hours. Some places also require a person to constantly present identification, so it helps to have it on a lanyard instead of taking out of a pocket every now and then. A company can also opt to have a lanyard made for different departments, each with their own color to represent them. This makes it easier in the office to know where a certain person belongs to. Besides the employees, visitors are also given day-passes on a lanyard.

A lanyard is also really helpful during a company’s public events. Employees can be easily seen among the crowd when they are wearing a lanyard. During conventions where there are a lot of other companies around, the lanyard helps in distinguishing a certain company from the rest. Those stationed at the company’s booth can also know the people they haven’t given a lanyard to yet, since attendees usually hang the lanyards once they get them from the booths.

Aside from the workplace, businesses also make use of lanyards as giveaways in conventions and similar events. It used to be that t-shirts, mugs, and hats were the top choices for this. Nowadays, though, lanyards have been thrown into the mix. A giveaway lanyard is usually custom-made with the company name, logo, colors, and slogan printed on it. This way, businesses are able to reach out to the people. Also, when people wear it, it serves as free advertising.

Compared to other promotional means such as pens, mugs, hats, shirts, posters, and online, lanyards are much cheaper, especially when bought in bulk. It is more cost-effective for a business, and small businesses particularly benefits from this. It also appeals more to the people because of the various ways that a lanyard can be used. This gives a higher chance for it to be used, which also means a higher chance that the lanyard will be seen, and thus adds to a lanyard’s promotional benefits.

What makes a lanyard even better is that is can hold more than one item at a time. Besides having an item secured at the hook at the end, other items, like pouches, can be fastened to the cord. It really helps a person to be more hands-free. It also makes for quick access to the items that are attached to the lanyard.

When ordering a lanyard, it is best to find a service with the best printing methods so the resulting lanyard would be of great quality. This is vital because the lanyard would represent the company, so a cheap looking lanyard will not be good. The chosen color should be of the company’s, and it is best to have the company name and logo printed on it. The up and coming businesses could choose to include their contact details.

Overall, those cords are a great investment for any company. It is an excellent marketing tool that is inexpensive and appeals to everyone. There are a range of colors and materials to choose from, so it is easy to find a style that would fit a company.

Deciding Which Type of Mister to Purchase

There are 3 basic types of misting systems that you can choose from – high-pressure, mid-pressure and low-pressure. As the name implies, the difference between the three systems lies on the water pressure or psi that forces the water through the misting nozzles. The amount of pressure required will depend on the type of the misting system that you need. The higher the water pressure, the tinier droplets of water and the quicker the water will evaporate in the air. It only means that the low-pressure system can result wetness to guests and other things near the misting line while cooling. The high-pressure system can cool the air down without getting your guests wet.

The type of system that you will choose will depend on why you need the system. One of the most common areas that you will find these systems is in the produce section of the grocery. The water from the nozzles is used in this area to keep their products look fresh and feel crisps by keeping it wet. The mister nozzles help to keep the produce cool and healthy, increasing its shelf life. For this purpose, you can use a low pressure system rather than the high pressure misting system.

Some of the places that use misting systems to cool the air down are golf course, restaurant, amusement parks and other places where people spend most of their time during summer. Misting system is an effective way to keep people cool outdoors. The amount of pressure required will depend on how dry you want people to be. Restaurant with outdoor seating, amusement parks and golf courses are usually not interested in getting their guests wet, so they will choose a high pressure misting system to keep the temperature cool without getting their guests wet.

The use of misting system to cool down the atmosphere is getting popular in areas like Arizona and Florida, where the temperature is usually above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer season. During the middle of the summer, Orlando area amusement parks and attractions can be very uncomfortable. There are cases where people can become seriously sick because of the heat. By setting up a high pressure mister to cool the air in the amusement parks, the cases of guests succumbing to the heat have been lessened.

During athletic events, a high pressure misting system is used. This will keep the temperature down, thus preventing the athletes from experiencing overheating. The misting systems that you will see in the parks are usually a series of stainless steel tubes with small misting nozzles, for athletic purposes misting fans are generally preferred. Misting fans can spray mist up to six ft. away. These misting systems can lower the air temperature up to thirty degrees Fahrenheit, and are attached to the existing water lines. This makes transporting one athletic event from one place to another easy. They are used at different levels of athletic competition from amateur to professional.

These misting systems are not that costly. Considering the many benefits the mister can provide in protecting amusement park guests and in cooling down the athletes from heat stroke, these systems are worth investing in. If you choose the mounted systems, series of nozzles and tubes are usually utilized. If you require a misting system that is more portable, then your best choice is a mobile mister. You can also use the system at your own backyard. If you are living in an area with a warmer climate, setting up a misting system can help your friends and family cool while having fun in the backyard. Civic organizations and churches have the option to rent them to keep their guests comfortable during outdoor events.

The mister system is very versatile, and there are different kinds of misting systems that you can choose from. It does not matter what you need; you will definitely find one that will suit your requirements.

Benefits and Advantages with Live Chat Support

Live chat support software is considered a major addition to any retail website. By bridging the gap between prospective customer and business, the program allows both parties to directly interact with each other and find a way to solve a certain problem.Once implemented on a site, both business and customers can enjoy from several considerable benefits. Below are just some of the benefits and advantages you can expect once live chat is activated.

Access to Help

live chat supportMuch of the problems in online transactions will come from confusion in the customer’s part. This is most true in first-time customers where they can immediately get themselves lost in sea of web pages, data and processes. If they find the layout too confusing, they might even not continue on the sales process altogether.

By using the live chat support feature, a person can immediately get information from the business wherever they have some sort of question or problem with what the site is offering. This will be the opportune time for businesses to guide a customer through the process and assure them that their products and services will work as they are advertised. With the program, a person can leave the site more informed and confident than they were prior to calling.

Immediate Response

Whenever a person does not get the help or information they need when surfing through a site, their opinions regarding the brand will be less than positive. Of course, most opportunities to close a sale can be ruined if the prospective customer starts to get confused and frustrated with the process. The live chat feature allows for customer representatives to get a hold of these customers and guide them through the process. It also helps that response times in live chat are immediate which prevents further frustration.

Increased Site Revenue

Upon implementation of live chat support, the site will experience a considerable increase in site traffic which directly results in a higher revenue rate.The reason for this is simple: live chat acts as a platform which directly gives assistance and information that will help consumers make better purchasing decision.

It is important to remember that most online transactions can end up badly if the customer does not receive the help of information they need. Live chat, on the other hand, can make buyers make more confident purchasing decisions and build better trust with the brand.

Reduced Costs

Customer-related services are usually considered major expenses for most business. This is not the case with live chat support as the platform allows for reduced costs while yielding much more effective results.Unlike a call center, the live chat feature is handled by a team of representatives working for the business itself. This will reduce the waiting time considerably as most problems and questions can be dealt with in a span of 2 to 4 minutes.

In addition, the reduced waiting time will mean that a single customer service representative can do more work in a single day than a call center agent. This means that the business can save a lot of money in training a lot of people to deal with client calls. Finally, the live chat program will sustain itself as time passes, automatically updating its services and quality as the business updates its site information.

Direct Feedback

Businesses know that customer feedback is one of the most potent sources of information to improve on the quality of their products and services.By using a live chat support program, a customer can directly air out their concerns regarding the offerings of a business and/or what they require from the business. Using these so-called pain points, a business can innovate or reinvent itself to provide services and products of better quality.Since the program allows for customers to directly give out feedback, the business can also save a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on research and focus groups.

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Important Reminders for Those Who Are Planning to Establish an SEO Company or Business

The lucrative natureSEO Company of SEO business is the biggest reason why more and more investors are establishing their own companies these days. However, to establish a good seo company is not an easy thing to do. Getting it started is a big task but an even greater challenge is involved in running such a business in the online world. Of course, failures or losses will always be a possibility. It is a risk that those who choose to be involved in this industry should accept and deal with.

Fortunately, many successful SEO company owners are willing to share their experience and tips on how to succeed in the highly competitive industry. These are presented as reminders on this article.

The following should be relevant enough for those who want to own and run a successful seo company:

  • Steer away from competition: Newbies should accept that unless they have more than enough financial resources and technical know-how, they should not go head to head with the big guns in the industry right away. One of the most effective approaches for newbie owners of SEO companies is to target the local client market. Create a site that is specifically meant for local customers. Get this site indexed on local search engines and business directories. There is less competition at this level and earnings will be guaranteed. If there are big plans on the part of an investor to go global, experience and resources should be gathered in first. It should also be the aim of an investor to build relationships and linkages in the industry. This will prove to be useful when expanding out to bigger client markets.
  • Exhaust all means to build a good reputation: In the current setting of SEO service industry, reputation is everything. Industry entities with excellent reputation will never run out of business opportunities. Clients will always trust them no matter what the case may be. This means that when any seo company is started, it should always be on the right direction. No matter how tempting it is to make use of “shortcuts to success” or unethical tactics, an investor should always stick to the White Hat SEO practices. There are lots of WHSEO strategies and it is the duty of a newbie company owner to use a few or all of those things in order to build a rock-solid positive reputation in the industry.
  • Build a network of SEO opportunities or work on being included in one: Business opportunities will not come automatically to any SEO company. The people who run it must exert efforts on getting it recognized or seen in the local client market. Manually working on letting local businesses know about the services being offered by the established company is a very wise move. Of course, this should be accompanied by online advertising and marketing efforts. If there is an existing organization of SEO companies in the area, an investor should exert efforts on being a part of it. Being associated with existing trusted names in the local SEO industry could effectively benefit a new company or business.
  • Come up with innovations: There must be some new things that could be associated with the new SEO business or company. The innovations that such a company could show will ensure that people will talk about it. Interest of a client market should be caught so that there will be less efforts on convincing prospective customers to visit the company’s website. Innovations could come in form of new components to a service package or promo offers that will be almost impossible for customers to resist. Free consultations, discounts, money-back guarantees, freebies, newly conceptualized SEO tactics and many more are just some of the best examples of these innovations.

Anybody could establish a business or company in the SEO services industry. However, only a few could really achieve success in it. The reminders provided above are just some of the things that could help a newbie SEO business investor to start right.

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Going Deeper Into Failed SEO Strategies

There are many approaches on improving the SEO or search engine optimization effectiveness of a website. Different tactics could be combined in order to come up with SEO strategies or plans. However, it cannot be denied that no matter how costly or ambitious these strategies are, failure is always a possibility. SEO strategy failure can be manifested through the following ways:

•    Traffic rates that never improve
•    High bounce rate
•    Low conversion rate
•    Rank that got lower than before
•    Removal of website or some of its pages from an index or directory of search engines
•    Low or no ROI target achievement
•    Website wipeout or blacklisting

Some peopleSEO Strategies say that when SEO strategy failures happen, one should just accept it as normal and move on. While this may be true, there are things that could be done in order to make things go well on the first go. In case of a failure, digging beneath the ashes of defeat and using the information gathered in order to improve future SEO decisions is a must.

So, what things can webmasters learn from failed SEO strategies and courses of action? The following should be useful:

1.    A website owner should strive to ensure that rank improvements will last for long periods of time. A short-lived rank improvement is of course a dismaying thing for webmasters to experience. A big difference in rank decrease is an obvious indicator that a strategy really needs to be reconsidered. It is okay to experience a rank 1 to rank 3 position shifts. However, going from rank 1 to rank 10 or 23 should be enough cause for worry. The good thing is that this can be remedied easily. A website owner could put more effort on consistent upgrading of site content. While link building is no longer recommended highly in 2014, it is still worth the effort of a webmaster to work on it.

2.    One of the most common sources of SEO failures is website content that sucks. It means that the said content is spammy, full of errors, and doesn’t conform to the current standards of search engine algorithms (Google Hummingbird, to be precise). Remedies for poor site content are numerous. However, the best way around this dilemma is to actually take a step back and access the services of a web content specialist. If one wishes to do the work on this matter by himself, focus must be given on content that is not keyword-centered but topic-oriented. In order to conform to the Hummingbird update requirements, the content present on a website must be able to answer specific questions presented by web surfers.

3.    The wrong use of low value keywords is another cause of SEO plan failures. The common mistake of webmasters is to go for short keywords that are too broad in coverage. These are the frequently searched keywords as indicated by KW research tools and services. In order to get more positive results out of the use of keywords, a simple solution is recommended. This is to simply put long-tail variations of frequently searched KWs on a site’s pages. These are now high-value keywords. Even if these are classified to be less competitive, it can ensure better conversion for traffic that is produced by a website. Only highly targeted clients will also be produced by this SEO tactic.

4.    Traditional webmasters will set aside the use of social media in their SEO strategies and plans. Of course, this is another big mistake. Social media users are increasing as each day passes. Not implementing activities that will source out traffic from social media sites will not help in the aim of a website owner to gain big and steady traffic rates. To get involved in social media SEO and marketing efforts is the best course of action here. The creation of content that will get the attention of social media users, building of a follower base, improving brand reputation, and other similar things should be enough for a webmaster to do in this aspect.

Failed SEO strategies/plans should never keep a webmaster from moving forward and finally attain success. However, hard and consistent work must be exerted by those who wish to really gain good standing in the online world. Solutions are easy to figure out when data is gathered in and analyzed properly.